Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Metamorphosis: Audio Play Scripting

The following example was provided by Kate Mazzetti. It's an audio play based on an excerpt from Kafka's Metamorphosis. Turning a work of prose into a audio play is riddled with 'teachable moments'. Unlike Reader's Theater, the focus is not on prose fluency, so a faithful translation of the text is not required. This unit describes the creative decision a student should confront when transferring between print to audio.

Decisions such as what information should be conveyed through dialogue? through narration? through sound effects? need to be made.

Decisions on vocabulary need to be made as well. For example, in the text, the word 'fretwork' was used. Is it too obsolete to be understood and should it be replaced with 'wood work'? Should it be kept because it adds color and richness to the scene?

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