Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Course Rules

Below are the course rules for the podcasting course. They are in addition to your school rules and policies.

1) Appropriate Language—no profanity or obscenities in the most general sense of the terms will be allowed in any format in this course—in projects or in communication with other students or the instructor.

2) Safety for Self and Others—you are not to mention personally identifying information about yourself on any audio broadcast or accompanying document that is intended for use outside of the Blackboard course—this includes last names, screen names, school name, home address, or any other unique information about yourself or others.

3) Respect for Others—you should communicate with other students in the course with courtesy and respect. Disagreements are allowed, but must be communicated in respectful language.

4) Respect for Intellectual Property—you may not use the intellectual property (audio, text, video, images, etc.) of another person without permission.

5) Consent—You need to get the permission of any person you intend to record and put on a podcast. This person should be informed that the recording is for the public and for your podcast. You cannot use deception or record a person before you get his or her permission.

6) Reciprocity--You should also expect others—inside and outside of this course—to treat you according to these rules. It’s not just about being nice—most of these rules correlated with state, federal, and international laws. For example, no one should record you secretly or take your original material without your permission.

For more information see the Podcasting Legal Guide at Creative Commons.

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