Monday, October 14, 2013

Maker Movement

I've been introducing the concept of makerspaces to different students and people (as well as being a participant observer at a fewmakerspaces). It connects and extends my work in DIY media, and I've found it to be a lot of fun for me and my kids.

Enjoying Soldering at Hoboken Makerbar 

The Makerspace movement is a relatively grassroots phenomenon in which people meet to explore a variety of DIY Projects. These can include sewing, microcomputers (Arduinos and Raspberry Pis), 3D Printing, video making, toy making, welding, etc. Though microcomputing and 3D printing are common activities, the maker movement is characterized by a variety of digital, mechanical, and craft activities. Here are some helpful links.

Seven Things You Should Know about MakerSpaces 

How Making Stuff Makes Science More Appealing to Kids from PBS News Hour

Make it @ Your Library from School Library Journal

ReMaking Education: Designing Classroom Makerspaces for Transformative Learning from Edutopia Magazine

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