Friday, December 21, 2012


I'm trying an experiment to get as much of course material out to the public as possible.  I'm starting with my Using Integrated Software and Introduction to Authoring Tools.  

Here's my syllabus with links for Using Integrated Software.

Catalog Description

An integrated software package is one that combines word processing, database management, paint, draw, spreadsheet, and telecommunications capabilities into one package. The package is the starting point to use as a resource-based curriculum. New types of learning and assignments across the curriculum are explored. The goal is to develop candidates who know how to access resources to maintain state-of-the-art technological literacy. Each candidate will design an instructional project as part of this class.


This course focuses on a systemic approach to teaching with technology. Students learn how to use common productivity tools for meaningful learning and accessible curriculum.  The emphasis is on integrating big ideas with curriculum; curriculum with technology; teaching with assessment; and digital technologies with physical activity.    All projects integrate commonly available productivity tools noted in the catalog description.

Here's my syllabus to Introduction to Authoring Tools

Catalog Description

This course will explore a variety of authoring tools. Candidates will conduct a comprehensive survey of authoring tools and create documents applying design elements. Candidates will examine the way that hypermedia can be used to improve student achievement in the classroom and library/multimedia centers by using a variety of media types, including sound, video, and animation. Throughout the course, candidates will reflect upon the capabilities of authoring tools that are available to educational multimedia designers.


The focus of this course is to look at the educational applications of easily available software, a DIY ethos, participatory culture, and remix.

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